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Starting with this post we are going to dig deeper into each Hiburo feature separately. Today it will be achievements. This feature makes Hiburo stand out among another team management applications. At Hiburo we care very much about creating friendly communities just as about increasing productivity.

It may seem like a basic feature but it's really great at involving people. Here's a great example: one of your colleagues stays late at work to finish an important task for you. You may not notice this fact and miss an opportunity to show him some appreciation but Hiburo achievement will make it obvious for everyone. Here's a great chance right there to learn your team better and make a connection.

Working environment is about getting stuff done fast but exchanging a couple of smiles during the day will make up for a great atmosphere. This is what Hiburo promotes and we know exactly what we're talking about. The whole idea of achievements came up when we were using our own internal application which eventually emerged as Hiburo.

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