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Hiburo is ready!

Open beta test is over! The launch day is here! Hiburo opens its doors to everyone and we think this metaphor very much reflects the essence of our service. Hiburo is your office put online not just a mere team management web application: it's a cozy work place, functional, good looking, with colleagues near you, with tasks and conversations flowing. A sweet spot to get your team together, a place you will keep coming back to.

Create Hiburo for your team & open its doors to your colleagues. We've compiled several Hiburo use cases you can just jump straight into action with one-click demo version.

If you're interested in dry facts, here's Hiburo features list:

  • Task management using kanban board;
  • Simple communication and activity feed;
  • Document sharing using Dropbox;
  • Time & Performance reports;
  • Engaging environment with fun achievements;
  • Notification center;
  • Team live overview;

Hiburo Launch!

To the moon!